Anna Nelson

Anna Nelson

Co-Editor-In-Chief of the MJLC

Appears in 4 Episodes

Stop Cop City

Quinn and Anna interview two forest defenders about Atlanta's RICO indictments and what stop cop city is. 

Care as a form of resistance

Ray, Anna, Emily and Quinn discuss how care appears in their lives and how care as a resistance intersects with other forms of resistance.

Strikes at UW-Madison

In this episode, Anna, Cree, Nate and Nat discuss the Teaching Assistants' Association (TAA) and their union work at UW-Madison. They look at the Writers Guild of Amer...

What is an abolitionist? A sit-down with the editors-in-chief of the MJLC

Ray Kirsch interviews Ria Dhingra and Anna Nelson, editors-in-chief of the Madison Journal of Literary Criticism (MJLC). They discuss what an abolitionist is, how the ...

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