Ria Dhingra

Ria Dhingra

Co-Editor-In-Chief of the MJLC

Appears in 5 Episodes

Aims of higher education and the role of educators in executing those aims

In this episode, Jonathan, Gabe and Ria sit down to discuss what the aim of higher education should be; a conversation based on their experience as college students, t...

Radical Design

In this episode, Lexi, Mary, Ria, Emily and Landis discuss radical design and how it connects to the making of our magazine. 

Where is literary criticism heading? A reflection on AWP

MJLC members Ria, Ella and Sophia discuss their experience at The Association of Writers & Writing Programs conference in Kansas city. They discuss their key takeaways...

Arts and music as resistance

In this episode, Ria, Cree, Nate and Shelby discuss arts and music as a form of resistance. They discuss their favorite art pieces, how they resemble resistance and ho...

What is an abolitionist? A sit-down with the editors-in-chief of the MJLC

Ray Kirsch interviews Ria Dhingra and Anna Nelson, editors-in-chief of the Madison Journal of Literary Criticism (MJLC). They discuss what an abolitionist is, how the ...

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